Ubuntu 12.04 sucks donkey balls

I’ve installed Ubuntu 12.04 and have been running it on my awesome Thinkpad T520 laptop (Ubuntu Compatible even! A status I would revoke immediatly. Half of the hardware and features of the laptop are not supported in Ubuntu) since it was released. While I haven’t had any of the serious issues regarding the graphics card, Nvidia Optimus support in Ubuntu, or just general problems booting the damn thing from my SSD… I’ve been getting a lot of inconsistencies compared to the previous versions.

At first I opted to upgrade. I thought, everybody’s saying how well it works and whatnot. The upgrade process worked flawlessly, but I was missing a bunch of advertised features somehow. No privacy controls in the settings manager, my personal keyboard shortcuts meshed badly with the preinstalled ones, got crash reports all over the place. No big deal, I thought, my experience tells me anything short of a completely clean install will lead to disastrous results. I did a clean install, hoping it would give me a clean, neat, delicious LTS experience.

Oh how was I wrong. The first thing I do, is open the default Music Library/Multimedia Player app now changed for like the third time (seriously whats up with the flipflop guys? Just pick one and commit already!) which crashed. Then I got a bunch of crash reports. Then I tried to see what the crash was about. The crash reporter crashed. Crash crash crash.

It’s become better since I stopped trying out so many different things on my system. But at least once a day, I have to send a crash report to the Ubuntu dev team.

All flash videos have smurfs in them. I don’t remember when I last saw a Youtube video without smurfs in them. People on the net say something about Adobe stopping Linux flash development, but why the fuck did they push out a LAST version with a giant gaping bug in it?

If there’s a reason to dump proprietary shitty flash and replace it with open source alternatives, this is a perfect example of it! I really hope the world can get rid of Flash so we, on Ubuntu powered systems, won’t have to deal with the same shitty security flaws as the poor daily Windows users have had to put up with.

Did you know that at least half of infections on Windows happen because of unpatched Adobe software? I just pulled that number out of my ass, but I know it’s not too far from the truth.

Here’s for hoping the Ubuntu team pull their heads out of their asses and focus on the stability and reliability of Ubuntu instead of chasing after new features. At least this once.

PS. I won’t use Debian or Linux Mint or whatever. Ubuntu is, sadly, the least shitty Linux distribution out there. That’s why I keep using it even though I’m unhappy with some parts of it. In general, it’s a pretty good system which I like a lot, and I’m willing to put up with a lot of shit to keep using it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t serve shit back.

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  1. Hi. Nice post. I also have the same problem with Ubuntu 12.04. It crashes all the time. Got some video problems. Cannot install the video driver for my ATI Radeon HD6xxx. So basically I even can’t use Compiz. The Laptop with i7, 6Gb Ram runs SO SLOW on Ubuntu 12.04. I do really prefer to use Windows 7 at least for now, until they produce a better version of Ubuntu which will support normally my hardware. By the way cannot change the brightness… Have to use terminal over and over. DAMN.

  2. Not only does 12.04 suck, but Unity sucks too. The interface must be designed for people who never used a computer before. Lost are effective workspace switching, application switching, and configuring color schemes. What were they thinking when they designed this. If people want eye-candy, they can buy a Mac.

    1. I’m actually pretty OK with Unity 🙂 You just have to learn the interface instead of expecting it to work in a specific way.

  3. Ubuntu 12.04LTS is broken for graphical logins using LDAP
    The bug was reported in October of 2011 and sits in the queue marked HIGH priority but nobody is assigned to even look at it. Now, how in the fuck could Ubuntu even hope to move beyond a toy OS if they can’t even get LDAP/NIS authentication to work for graphical logins. Pretty much any university in the world is going to just go with RHEL or CentOS or just about any other linux distro out there. I’ve had nothing but pain trying to work with Mark Shuttleworth’s POS OS and the constant need of linux devs to change the god damned system every release. Sys V init? nah, let’s re-write the only part of the fucking OS that still works and replace it with shitty upstart scripts and force anyone who wants things to work to run sysv-rc-conf. LDAP authentication? Nah, let’s break that, who needs it anyway? Seriously Ubuntu, you suck, you suck RMS’ big sweaty man tits.

    Unity is an abomination, everythign about modern Linux is horrible. I’m going back to slackware and telling the users to suck it up because overzealous nerds with DeVry degrees decided to re-write the entire thing into a giant steaming pile of shit.

  4. Then I got a bunch of crash reports. Then I tried to see what the crash was about. The crash reporter crashed.
    Yo dawg I heard you like crashes, so i just crashed your crash reporter, so your computer can crash while it crashes.

  5. Seriously… I have been using Ubuntu for 6+ years, and I can’t even find a way to get a command prompt. I am presented with a blank desktop, no start menu, and this stupid sidebar that lets me do 11 things. Really?! What are you guys thinking? You turned my computer into something less wersitle than my $15 prepaid cell phone! :/

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