Ubuntu and MTP devices

The future is awesome, right?

Almost all USB-enabled devices nowadays use MTP to communicate with any computer device connected to their MicroUSB port. I like this. I really like this. It means that all my devices use the same cable for charging and transferring files. How awesome is that? I have MicroUSB cables laying around all over the house just in case I need to charge or transfer something right then&there.

This is the future kiddos. You won’t understand how awesome this shit is unless you personally have had to deal with the good old days where every company had a different charger and data transfer cable for each and every model of their phone.

Most phones didn’t have 3.5″ Jack plugs even! I still have a SonyEricsson phone from around 2008 that requires you to connect an ugly bulky.. thing.. to the phone before you can listen to music on it: Thereby making the device absolutely useless for that specific purpose.

Ugly SonyEricsson audio adapter
Is That A SonyEricsson Data/Charger-To-Audio-Jack Adapter In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Gone are the horrible days of incompatibility, gone are the pains of having to install special drivers from 150-megabyte install files from vendors slow support download websites just to transfer files! Say HELLO to a new age of Universal Serial Bus and the awesome connect-anything-anywhere AWESOMENESS!


You can’t connect this device to your installed most recent version of Ubuntu! What the hell were you thinking? libmtp doesn’t recognize this specific devices Device ID and therefore there’s NO FUCKING CHANCE IN HELL you are allowed to mount it without downloading some fucking shady unproven code from some fucking repository and compiling it on your system and fucking up your software managements neat little arrangement here.

I’ve had this happen to me two times now. First with my Sansa ClipZip mp3 player and now with my Galaxy SIII phone. I require no fancy features from any of them, just simple file transfer.

Why can’t I have a simple fucking file transfer?

A strange sense of defeat washes over me as I … remember that it’s easier to send the files out to the fucking INTERNET and download them from there than to make a simple file transfer using a USB cable.

Welcome to the future!

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