nginx is actually quite good

I don’t know why, but I stumbled across an “nginx vs lighttpd” page … and remembered, oh yeah, i fucking love nginx. Meanwhile, lightly is alianating it’s users by some developer refusing to implement the most basic of features (separate error logging by vhost) because it’s “too hard” and refuses to do so for future versions, too. Well, fuck lighttpd. nginx is awesomer.

March 15, 2012 · Daniel Akulenok

MediaWiki upload features lacking

For a wiki software, MediaWiki is absurdly well-designed and polished. No wonder: it is THE wiki software of the internet. Everything just works - and works well. With one exception: The upload features are, to say the least, lacking. You are able to upload one file at a time, on a page entirely separate from the document you are editing. It’s not possible to install any clever ajazy “Upload Image” button on the edit page....

February 15, 2012 · Daniel Akulenok